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    #AuroraHeart lolol

    #AuroraHeart lolol

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    Details, McAvoy & Fassbender


    I am so happy they are back on screen again this year :)

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    In an upcoming episode, Snow White and Prince Charming have their second baby, while the residents of Storybrooke go on high alert in an attempt to keep Zelena from stealing the newborn for her own wicked purposes. Here’s a series of exclusive shots from the pivotal scene, which is like a fictional dress rehearsal for real-life couple Goodwin and Dallas. (The recently married duo are currently expecting their first child; Once Upon writers incorporated Goodwin’s pregnancy into the show.) The episode, “Kansas,” airs May 4.

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    Flowers, cards, and chocolate. How lovely! #nomnom

    Flowers, cards, and chocolate. How lovely! #nomnom

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